PPC Agency Owner - You Can Scale to $100K/Month By Doing Less & Simplifying Your Sales Process.

Watch the video to learn: the FASTEST and most DIRECT path to optimising your agency for profitable growth, whilst avoiding the usual headaches 👇

Agency Forge is a hybrid mastermind that offers:

Exclusive community for agency owners looking to safely and protibably scale.

Personalised feedback from Ed and other members who've experienced it before.

The Perfect Agency Framework to build, grow and get unstuck at every step.

Position & productise your services to become the preferred choice.

Hire to win system with templates to reliably build high-performing teams.

Enable rapid growth by using simplicity and avoiding the typical complexity chaos.

Raise your standards networking with other successful agency owners.

Profit, client success and agency happiness will become your modus operandi.

⏲️ Including the "Don't Leave Me Hanging!" Guarantee

How confident am I that I can actually help you?

Join the Elite tier and if I cannot answer your question within 2 working days of you asking, I will give you a month access to Forge entirely free.

That's right, not only do I dedicate time to answering your questions... I guarantee it too.

Now the choice is yours...

Stop spinning your wheels for $7/day:

  • The 'Perfect' Agency Framework
  • 1-off Payment
  • ✓ Instant access to 40+ HD training videos
  • ✓ Streamline your agency, be happier and get more profitable
  • ✓ Step-by-step positioning, productising and lead gen strategies (with real case studies)
  • ✓ Flawless onboarding checklists to massively reduce churn
  • + Funnels, offers, email flow and example call scripts
  • + 90-day client communication schedule and speed reports
  • + End-to-end hiring process and template to hire A-players
  • GET THE FRAMEWORKStep-by-step 0 to 100k/month
  • Agency Forge - Lite
  • 1 Year Commitment
  • ✓ The 'Perfect' Agency Framework (including the Profit-fix formula, how to flood your agency with leads, my flawless onboarding checklist and so much more)
  • ✓ Network with like-minded PPC agency owners
  • ✓ All coaching call recordings
  • + 15+ Hours of On-demand Google Ad Workshops
  • + Lifetime access to 'God Tier Ads Framework'
  • + Bonus: Depoloy a 6-figure LinkedIn Ads Funnel
  • FRAMEWORK + COMMUNITY12 Month Membership
  • Agency Forge - Elite
  • 1 Year Commitment
  • ✓ You get EVERYTHING in the Agency Forge Lite tier and more...
  • + Live coaching calls with Ed (get unstuck and safely scale your agency)
  • ✓ Timely personal support and feedback for every step of your agency journey
  • + Guaranteed answers to your burning questions (or you don't pay)

  • JOIN THE WAIT LISTseats are limited

Growing your agency to 7-figures is demanding and lonely

Forge is a tight-knit community of PPC agency owners, built to help you grow your agency without increasing your blood pressure.

  • Stop relying on referrals and build a repeatable client acquisition system
  • Position and productise your offer to attract the best clients
  • Close your new prospects easier whilst charging more
  • Hire to win and streamline your operations for profit
  • And ultimately work on your agency, instead of mindlessly in it

Hop On Live Calls to get solutions to your problems

We have bi-weekly 1 hour Coaching call where you ask questions and get support for your burning agency issues.

In addition, and at the end of each month we have the Accountability call.

The Accountability call is dedicated to members discussing their goals, progress towards them and what they need to be accountable for in the month ahead.

It will be super valuable and prove important for the year ahead.

Monthly accountability calls for agency owners

You Get The Perfect Agency Framework

As a member of Forge, you get access to the proven “Perfect Agency Framework”.

A detailed system that will enable you to create a predictable agency, capable of scale whilst increasing profits and not your workload.

What you get inside:

  • Streamline your goals, apply the Profit-fix Formula™ and catapult your agency forwards.
  • Position yourself to dominate by avoiding the mistakes your competitors are making and become the provider of choice.
  • Develop irresistible marketing and sales offers that your ideal client simply cannot refuse, whilst charging more for your services.
  • Deploy the reverse onboarding checklist to stop wasting time on the wrong leads and dramatically improve your retention rates.
  • See how to use A.I. to automate client reporting saving tens of hours each month.
  • Discover how to attract the A-players to dramatically improve performance so you can focus working on the agency.

And much, much more besides…

The Perfect Agency Framework training by Ed Leake

💰 Ditch the shiny object syndrome!

Sales is f*cking easy.

And sales can be simple.

That is why I give you my bullet-proof system that has been tried and tested over a decade. One that works flawlessly and does not require a bespoke proposal, arduous meetings or complex agreements.

Just 1 or 2 quick phone calls and a simple 2-page agreement document.

And yes - I provide the complete script and example document.

Here's what members are saying about Agency Forge...

"...within 2-3 months of being in Forge I grew my agency revenue by 150%"
- Michael Nadalin, Director of Market Lead

"Ed's program is bar none, the best in the world, the universe, the galaxy and beyond"
- Joe Crivello-Sorensen, CEO Trust Local

"I love being around Google Ads agency people. Your little golden nugget is worth everything versus a million videos on YouTube"
- Michael Nadalin, Director Market Lead

Added 6 New Clients in Under 6 Weeks...

And that's from implementing just one (simple) lead generation strategy.

Nothing fancy and no hard sell required.

"I've learned a heck of a lot from all the different members who are knowledgable and openely share all the strategies they're using to grow their agencies... the best thing is, it really is specific to Google Ads agencies"
- Sam Obrart, Co-founder Atomic Marketing

Tripled Monthly Fees From 500 to $1,500

Forge members position themselves to charge based on value, not hours worked.

"Iron sharpens iron..."

Being around members who are making waves rubs off on you.

"Forge has helped me know my worth and the confidence to stick to it."

Charge what you're worth and attract reliable clients who pay.

If you're serious about growing your agency, retaining clients and improving results - you know what to do.

Remove Analysis Paralysis & Profitably Scale Without the Painful Mistakes

I'm opening Forge up to a limited number of agency owners for 2023, you can be one of them:

JOIN US & FIND YOUR PEOPLE Seats are limited

The Onboarding & Client Management Processes Are Very Popular...

Because life's too short running an unprofitable agency for clients you hate...

Remove Analysis Paralysis & Profitably Scale Without the Painful Mistakes

I'm opening Forge up to a limited number of agency owners for 2023, you can be one of them:

TAKE ACTION & SCALE Seats are limited


Can You Really Just Copy & Paste Ideas and get qualified leads?

Imagine being surrounded by agency owners who are where you want to be, or where you want to go...

Actionable Expertise At Your Fingertips

The Agency Forge is rammed full of value for every step of your journey.

With tailored training material specifically created for agency owners by someone who has lived and breathed this for over a decade.

And with the added bonus of direct access to that person who literally guarantees to help you.

That's Agency Forge, and that's our community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - What's the price?

Forge Lite is just $3,700 per year.

If you wish to apply for Elite, just assume winning a single new client will more than pay for membership.

Q - Can I upgrade from Lite to Elite?


If you join Lite and then decide you want access to live calls and my guarantee, then you can message me about upgrading to Elite.

Q - Is this a Slack group?


I use Slack with my teams, but... when it comes to professional communities, I believe Slack is ineffective and actually hurts your productivity.

Forge is built on Circle, a dedicated community platform with built-in live events, direct messaging, discussions and on-demand video.

Q - How many members are there in Agency Forge?

Forge has 100 active members from across the globe; America, UK, Europe, Asia and loads of Aussies too.

Q - Is there a free trial?

No... and there are no refunds either.

You are either all-in, or not at all.

Q - My priority is Google Ads training, is Forge right for me?

If you get accepted into Agency Forge you get a lifetime copy of my God Tier Ads Framework.

However, if you only want Google Ads training then you're better off just buying God Tier Ads Framework instead. Forge does have a lot of Google Ads content, but the focus is around the agency business.

Q - I'm a freelancer, can I join?

Definitely maybe...

You should already be generating money from paying clients, but you're now stuck because you don't know what to do next.

The reality is transitioning from working on accounts to growing a small agency can be a tough step. Forge will certainly guide you, but you will need to put the work in to get the results.

Q - Why is Forge Elite application only?

Elite is a more personal experience.

I personally review each application to make sure that members will not only get value from me, but from each other.

This makes it the best experience for all members.

Q - How fast will I see results?

Members who take action are getting results fast... and in as little as 2-6 weeks.

When you enrol in Forge, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to get your agency positioned to attract the best leads and convert them to profitable sales.

I am 100% confident you can achieve this within your first 2-3 months of membership.


This stuff is proven & It Prints Money

Am I allowed to say that?


Because it's based on my extensive 13+ year industry experience, not theory or books... or guru entrails.


Get ROI in 1 Client Or Less

Are you going to sit spinning your wheels for the next year - or are you ready to implement?

Put Agency Forge to work, all you need is one new client and it's paying for itself already...