Even if they don’t know it yet...
Traditional Agencies are Dying.
Agency Forge is the New Way.
How to become in demand for the next decade and enjoy the journey - regardless of what the Ad Platforms throw in your way! 👇

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Agency Forge is a Mastermind Community that shows you how to Future-proof your PPC Agency

Forge is Community + Training + Mastermind

Exclusive PPC community for agency owners looking to safely and profitably scale.

Personalised feedback from Ed and other members who've experienced it before.

The Perfect Agency Framework to build, grow and get unstuck at every step.

Position & productise your services to become the preferred choice.

Hire to win system with templates to reliably build high-performing teams.

Enable rapid growth by using simplicity and avoiding the typical complexity chaos.

Raise your standards networking with other successful agency owners.

Profit, client success and agency happiness will become your modus operandi.

⏲️ Including the "Don't Leave Me Hanging!" Guarantee

How confident am I that I can actually help you?

Join the Agency Forge and if I cannot answer your question within 2 working days of you asking, I will give you a month access to Forge entirely free.

That's right, not only do I dedicate time to answering your questions... I guarantee it too.

Now the choice is yours...

"Yes Ed, I watched the intro video and I'm ready to get started"

Forge is the only place dedicated to PPC agency owners looking to maximise profits, client results and agency happiness.

JOIN AGENCY FORGE Seats are limited

Growing your agency to 7-figures can be demanding and lonely

Forge is a tight-knit community of PPC agency owners, built to help you grow your agency without increasing your blood pressure.

  • Stop relying on referrals and build a repeatable client acquisition system
  • Position and productise your offer to attract the best clients
  • Close your new prospects easier whilst charging more
  • Hire to win and streamline your operations for profit
  • And ultimately work on your agency, instead of mindlessly in it

Kasim Aslam says Ed Leake is one of the most trustworthy Google Ads sources

Hop On Live Calls to get solutions to your problems

We have bi-weekly 1 hour Coaching call where you ask questions and get support for your burning agency issues.

In addition, and at the end of each month we have the Accountability call.

The Accountability call is dedicated to members discussing their goals, progress towards them and what they need to be accountable for in the month ahead.

It will be super valuable and prove important for the year ahead.

Monthly accountability calls for agency owners

You Get The Perfect Agency Framework

As a member of Forge, you get access to the proven “Perfect Agency Framework”.

A detailed system that will enable you to create a predictable agency, capable of scale whilst increasing profits and not your workload.

What you get inside the framework:

  • Streamline your goals, apply the Profit-fix Formula™ and catapult your agency forwards.
  • Position yourself to dominate by avoiding the mistakes your competitors are making and become the provider of choice.
  • Consistent leads are your agency's armour and your mental fortitude - follow the provided real world examples to build yours.
  • Develop irresistible marketing and sales offers that your ideal client simply cannot refuse, whilst charging more for your services.
  • Deploy the reverse onboarding checklist to stop wasting time on the wrong leads and dramatically improve your retention rates.
  • Use AI or my SpeedReports™ to shave hours off reporting each month.
  • Discover how to attract the A-players to dramatically improve performance so you can focus working on the agency.

And much, much more besides…

The Perfect Agency Framework training by Ed Leake

💰 Sales should be simple...

Ditch the shiny object syndrome!

That is why I give you my bullet-proof system that has been tried and tested over a decade!

One that works flawlessly and does not require a bespoke proposal, arduous meetings or complex agreements.

Just 1 or 2 quick phone calls and a simple 2-page agreement document.

And yes - I provide the complete script and example document.

The Perfect Agency Framework training by Ed Leake

Here's what members are saying about Agency Forge...

✔ You watched the intro video and are ready to get started:

Forge is the only place dedicated to PPC agency owners looking to maximise profits, client results and agency happiness.



What is Forge?

Agency Forge is a mastermind community that shows you how to future-proof your PPC Agency, regardless of what the Ad Platforms throw in your way.

Showing you how to prioritise your growth for each stage of your journey from 10k, to 100k+ a month.

You get access to a private community where you can collaborate and get support from other members.

And training that covers:

Build your agency armour with the Profit-fix formula, backwards business planning, streamlined vision and goal setting.

Double-down with better positioning, productising and an offer that generates regular qualified leads. Without needing cold calls or emails.

Embrace simplicity to enable rapid growth.

Use the Hire to win system with templates to reliably build your high-performing team.

And raise your standards networking with other successful agency owners.

Profit, client success and agency happiness will become your modus operandi.

What do you get?

✅ Training: Lifetime access to the "Perfect Agency Framework"

✅ Community: 1 full year of Agency Forge community

✅ Coaching: Access to Live Coaching calls

- All coaching call recordings + new ones (value, $1,000s)
- Get Unstuck (worth $999)
- lifetime acess to God Tier Ads (worth $595)
- Workshops (worth $499)
- LinkedIn Ads funnel training (worth $299)
- Highlights $$$
- Playbooks $$

Is the 'Perfect Agency Framework' the same/similar to 'God Tier PPC Performance Framework'?

No - it is 100% different.

The Agency Framework is all about building, running, growing and optimisng your PPC agency. Whereas God Tier Ads is all about doing Google Ads.

Is the Forge content dripped?

No – you get immediate access to everything.

Do I need to have an agency already?

No – the Perfect Agency Framework can also be applied to building an agency from scratch, but don't be fooled - starting from zero is tough.

I would strongly advise you get experience working in another agency first, before trying to start your own.

Is Agency Forge for someone who works in an agency?

No - Forge is the agency owner side of the business, and not for those working in the agency.

How many members are there?

Forge currently has 170 members.

Our members are from all over the world.

Member experience ranges from just starting, to running multi-million dollar agencies.

Chris Cabaniss says many groups are full of dreamers but Agency Forge is not one of them
Is the Agency Forge a community or calls?

Forge is training, community and calls; it's a hybrid covering all areas.

Does the agency training get updated?

Yes – if anything is added or updated, you get those updates for free.

Will UK and EU be charged VAT?

No – the price you see is the price you pay.

Depending on where you are right now, there are basically 3 options:

1) If you need Google Ads training, get God Tier Ads and skip Forge.

2) If you specifically want end-to-end agency training, get the Perfect Agency Framework.

3) If you want both of those and join like-minded ppc agency owners in an exclusive community, join Agency Forge.